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Protection against identity and data theft.

Digital theft from RFID cards has become a major problem.
Millions of dollars are stolen every year. Identities are being stolen from cards and passports and sold on the web.

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How a thief steals your personal data.

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MuteCard protects your payment cards, travel cards and passport against data theft.

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How MuteCard works.

Innovation in your wallet

A small LED light on MuteCard lights up when it is in the vicinity of a cardreader. This indicates that your contactless cards are blocked, until you choose to
unblock them with a gentle tap.

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MuteCard is designed like a regular credit card. Unpack it and place it by your RFID cards, travel cards, passport, and the like. These are now protected against theft of card data.

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Innovation in your wallet

LED Indicator

Always Protecting You

Lasts forever

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See how MuteCard works.

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MuteCard used with Contactless access card

MuteCard used with Contactless payment card

MuteCard protects your passport in airports and public places

MuteCard used with Contactless travel card

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MuteCard is a part of CardLab Innovations


Hoerkaer 14, 1
DK-2730 Herlev
Cvr. nr. 34626189
Phone + 45 31 55 49 94

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Company Profile

CardLab is a Danish world leading company specialized in making ultrathin electronics for powered smart cards and thereby develop highly advanced plastic cards containing a full computer in the card. CardLab has created particularly strong security features to plastic cards eliminating credit card fraud by use of its unique technology within biometric fingerprint scan, dynamic magnetic stripes, Snap Switch, Jammer Switch etc. CardLab is selling both complete solutions and OEM solutions adapted to the customers’ needs.

CardLab was established in 2003 and have presently 20 employees and consultants related to its main office in Herlev, and production facilities in China and Thailand.

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