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Terms and conditions

Shipping and delivery

Mutecard.com distributes worldwide

Ordered card(s) are sent by letter

Shipping costs:

Shipping cost can be seen in your website shopping basket at the top right. Shipping cost may vary according to the number of cards ordered and place of delivery.

Time of delivery:

Expected delivery time for the ordered item is shown on our website. Typical delivery is:

Item in stock: 5-10 Working Days

Timely delivery requires our supplier complies with the delivery terms. In case of delay caused by our supplier, this will unfortunately delay delivery to the buyer.

MuteCard.com cannot be held responsible for delays from supplier. In case of a long delay (several days), MuteCard.com will notify customer by mail submitted during purchase.


MuteCard.com provides 2 years warranty according to the Danish Purchasing Act (Købsloven). The card will either be repaired, replaced or refunded at MuteCard.com discretion and coordination with customer.

The guarantee does not cover normal wear & tear and defects and damages, directly or indirectly caused by wrong handling, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorised interference. Complaints on defects should be notified MuteCard.com within reasonable time after the fault or defect have been discovered or should have been discovered. I connection with complaints MuteCard.com holds costs to a reasonable extent.

When returning your item, please inform on the character of the problem is in as many details as possible.

Note! We do not receive packages sent Cash on Delivery or similar.

The card must always be returned in safe packaging. To refund your shipping cost, please get a receipt.

Complaint and Return of Product

If you discover errors, defects or even missing deliveries, please contact:


Hoerkaer 14C, 1

Dk-2730 Herlev

CVR no.: 41202084

Tel: +45 2485 3591

Email: asa@mutecard.com

Return of Product is not necessarily to the above address. Therefore, always contact us before a possible return for a return slip. We reserve the right to refuse return, when no return slip has been used. Note we do not receive packages sent Cash on Delivery. It helps to expedite the process if you include detailed information as depicted on the return slip – including all prior correspondence etc.


In case of agreed decors, returned items or pre-paid orders cancelled before shipment, there will be a full or partial refund of the purchase price according to agreement with MuteCard.com. Refund is usually by bank transfer and MuteCard.com and return slip information return account needs to be filled out for reimbursement. Card(s) not retrieved by customer will not be reimbursed as only card(s) with valid return slip will be accepted.


You have a 14-day return policy on the card(s) from MuteCard.com calculated from the day you have received your item. If you regret a purchase, please return the card(s) in the same condition, original packaging and the quantity you received it in together with return slip. The return policy is no longer valid if you in any way uses the item so it reduces the sales value significantly.

The paid amount will within a few days be refunded to the account chosen on your return slip, when we have received the card(s) and checked it is within our return policy.

Please include a copy of the purchase order.

Return cost must be borne by yourself.

Note! We do not receive packages sent Cash on Delivery.

What we do with your personal information

(Privacy Policy)

To enter into an agreement with MuteCard.com we need the following information:


Mutecard number(s) to be sent.


Telephone number

Email address

We register your personal information in order to deliver the items to you.

MuteCard.com register personal information according the guidelines set up in “Privacy Policy” set up on this page.

The CEO and the employees handling MuteCard sales do have access to the information about you.

We do not keep customer information encrypted.

We do not transmit customer information encrypted.

Information given to MuteCard.com is not passed on or sold to a third party and we do not register sensitive personal information.

When listed at MuteCard.com you always have the right to object to registration, at which times MuteCard.com warranty obligations expires. You also have the right to have insight into which information we have registered on you. MuteCard.com is compliant with the Danish Privacy Act rules. For further information, follow ”privacy policy” below.


MuteCard.com uses cookies to optimize our website and its functionality, making the search more accessible for the user.

You may at any time delete cookies from your PC depending on your browser.

How to order

MuteCard.com only takes orders through our website. If you have questions about other products, which you cannot find on the website, check www.cardlab.com or contact us directly during normal office hours.

All prices include VAT and other taxes. Trading on MuteCard.com is subject to Danish law.

If you would like to receive a copy of your order confirmation, please send an email to info@MuteCard.com

How to pay

It is safe to pay by credit card on MuteCard.com.

When entering your address and credit card information it is on a secure connection SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) this means the information is encrypted and no unauthorized person can read it. The amount due is drawn when the transaction is approved You do have the payment card security provided by the your bank when paying with credit card.

You can pay by:

Dankort (fee 0 DKK)

MasterCard (fee 1,25%)

Maestro (fee 1,25%)

Visa (fee 1,25%)

Eurocard/MasterCard (foreign) (fee 3,75%)

Card fee is charged according to the selected payment option. Please see the fee level in the parenthesis for each payment card type.

There will never be withdrawn a higher amount than approved when purchasing.


Subject to typing errors and updating of pricing

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